What's SEO?

Learn what SEO is and how it can help you

By Will Longwe

What is SEO?

SEO or search engine optimization is the art of fine tuning a website so that it can reach the highest possible position in the non paid results of search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing. There are many factors that dictate how a page will be ranked; these range from technical aspects like the number of backlinks for a web page all to how frequently people engage with its content.

Why do I need SEO?

You may be thinking that in with the rise of social media that there isn’t a big need for SEO; however, in 2019 search engines make up most of the internet’s total traffic. SEO is one of the best forms of lead generation because these people are already looking for the product or service you offer. The key is making sure that they can connect with you. Without proper SEO, these people may miss out on these great opportunities for acquiring new pre qualified customers.

Can I do SEO?

At first, learning SEO can be very difficult, but with a solid time commitment and work ethic, getting the basics down shouldn’t be a problem for most people. Even just starting to optimize your site with basic SEO tactics can massively improve your site’s performance. Now you’re probably thinking, “where do I start”?

How to Start SEO

First, let’s talk about on-page tactics. On-page tactics are all the things you can control within your website. These include many technical aspects that ensure search engines can properly crawl your site as well as things as easy to understand as content. For starters, focus on creating great content. Try to create web pages that people want to share and interact with. The more time people spend interacting with your content, the better you will do in the search results.

Off-page SEO is a little bit more difficult because you do not have direct control over it. The biggest Off-page SEO ranking factor is the number of quality backlinks coming to your site. A backlink is a link from another site to your site. Although you can’t easily create backlinks yourself, one of the best ways to get backlinks is to guest post on a reputable blog in your industry in exchange for a link back to your site.

When starting your first SEO campaign, stay committed! Because of the massive number of sites Google and other search engines need to crawl everyday, it can take awhile for them to crawl each link to and from your site. Similarly, building domain authority takes time too, so don’t be upset when your page isn’t number one on Google the week after you start your SEO campaign. Know that it can take months to begin to see your site change in the search results, but remember, stay motivated!

Finding time to develop and implement an SEO strategy can be hard, especially while running a business. If your website isn’t running exactly where you need it and you need help getting it there, try filling out the free consultation form at the bottom of the page. The Next Level Digital Solutions team would be excited to get your site performing the way your business needs it to!

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